Videos: Kaiser Permanente

Over the past two years since I have taken over social media content creation, we have significantly increased the amount of multimedia work that is created and published on a monthly basis.

As of now, we have two video series, Know This and Disparity Facts. Both are focused on providing valuable information to the audience while also showcasing the work and research of Kaiser Permanente.

Know This is modeled in a “fun fact” or “tip” style video, with the aim of providing quick, easy to digest information on certain topics. These videos primarily live on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Disparity Facts has a more serious tone and focuses on research, specifically on how these affect different minority groups, and provides information on how the company deals with closing disparity gaps in healthcare.

The scripts are written in English and Spanish, depending on the audience and taking into consideration cultural and linguistic difference.

Scripts: Silvia Rodriguez

Know This

Disparity Facts